I spent the past 2 days at the BIL Conference in Long Beach, this weekend. I was, once again, reminded of the value of conferences in the technology arena.

All too easily, people look at technology as an impersonal enterprise, focussing on software and hardware and overlooking the human element. However, attending a conference reminds you of the power of meeting people face to face and talking to them about their ideas. I actually spent very little time sitting in presentation, but I spent a lot of time meeting new people and talking about what they are doing and what I am doing.

  To travel and be away from home, it’s important to feel that the time was well spent. In order for that to happen, you need to take responsibility for how you’re spending your time. I was lucky to be travelling with whurley and so met a lot of people through him. I was also lucky enough to meet a number of preDevCamp organizers and volunteers and was re-assured that preDevCamp is going to be a great success!