Below are a collection of whitepapers that I have written. This will be my primary location for publishing. If any of these papers are published elsewhere, I will include links on this page.

All of my papers are written in the DocBook format. However, each paper is also rendered in a PDF and HTML format for ease of reading and printing.

Some papers include additional resources. These can be downloaded as needed.


The papers in this section are focussed on Storage technologies, including Storage Virtualisation and Automation

Visualizing IBM SAN Volume Controller FlashCopy Mappings

With the introduction of Multiple-Target FlashCopy® and Cascaded FlashCopy to IBM® System Storage™ SAN Volume Controller (SVC) , it can become difficult to keep track of which Virtual Disks are mapped to which, and how FlashCopy Mappings (FCM) depend upon one another. While submitting svcinfocommands or using the SVC Console can provide this information in a textual format, there are times when a diagram provides all the information you need in an easy to understand format.

This paper outlines a method for generating diagrams that link VDisks and FlashCopy Mappings. It also serves as a worked example of automation on the SVC Command Line. This paper assumes familiarity with SVC and the FlashCopy functionality.

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