The past week has seen a lot of change at preDevCamp. It’s been a busy time, but I believe we’ve found our footing again and it’s time to move forward.

Following our challenges with Palm, whurley and gio have opted to move on to other things. We wouldn’t be where we are without them and I’ve eternally grateful to them for all they did for preDevCamp. I hope I’ll see them at their local events and hope to work with them again on future projects.

Joining the organizing team are Lisa Brewster and Greg Stevenson. I’m very grateful to them, since preDevCamp is, in no way, a one person job.

We’ve spoken to Palm a number of times now and they’re very positive about preDevCamp. They’re offering support and we’re working with them to determine the best way for that support to manifest itself.

Finally, we settled on a date for preDevCamp which balances the various pressures of SDK availability, organization time and conference conflicts. We settled on August 8th and, so far, this seems to have gone across well.

Watch this space for more updates, as they come!